U-Pick Strawberries

Please note that we are not an entertainment farm. We do not offer tours, sightseeing, wagons rides, activities for children, etc.

  • Please do not overfill your baskets. You should be able to easily carry it without berries spilling off.
  • We will not be weighing containers and berries. The price is per basket and must be pre-paid before entering the patch.
  • We will only allow picking into our white plastic 4L or 2L baskets. Absolutely not bags or other containers allowed in the field!
  • There will be no refunds.
  • Parents are responsible for keeping children with them and picking in an orderly manner. Running around through the patch is not permitted.
  • A minimum purchase of one 4L basket ($18) is required per 2 people (adults and children), or one 2L basket ($9) per child.
  • (ex: You cannot have a group of 3 people picking only 1 basket)
  • Picking is only allowed in the designated area. Do not wander into other areas of the farm.
  • You must be finished picking and out of the patch by closing time.
  • We all love our pets, but no animals are allowed in the fields.

Please remember that you are paying to fill your baskets, and not your belly!

Have fun!

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