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Our market is now closed for the season. See you in the spring for asparagus and rhubarb!

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Monday - SundayClosed


Monday - SundayClosed

*Hours are weather and supply dependent. May close early if sold/picked out.
Everyone must be finished picking by the U-Pick closing time

  • 17 hours ago by

    For any sweet potato lovers
  • 4 days ago by

    Let food be your medicine...
  • 6 days ago by

    Got some tasty roasts from Valerie at Farm Valley in Watford. Soo good! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    6 days ago Colleen Gilbert 1
    Yes her beef is so good!
    6 days ago Millar Berry Farms
    Colleen Gilbert you must have had some?
    6 days ago Colleen Gilbert 1
    Millar Berry Farms yes l have and was very impress!
    6 days ago Millar Berry Farms 2
    Colleen Gilbert it's so tender, and flavourful!
  • 1 week ago by

    Found some kale in the garden, and sugar snaps in my freezer. Got creative πŸ˜‹
    1 week ago Nancy Leblanc
    Nice. What did you use for the sauce in the rice?
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Nancy Leblanc water and garden fare tomato juice .
    1 week ago Diane Tinginys 1
    Looks good
    1 week ago Roymee Millares
    Taste gud 2me sir yummy yummy πŸ‘β˜•
  • 1 week ago by

    Getting some fresh air.
  • 2 weeks ago by

    New year's resolution: more bone broth for stronger bones!
    2 weeks ago Karen Rae Short 1
    Makes great soup stock for healthy home made soups!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    It came in a whole lot quieter!
    3 weeks ago Romeo Millares 1
    Happy New year guy's see you next spring time all the best 2021βœŒβ˜•
    3 weeks ago Lottie Scott 1
    Happy New Year, Millars!!! πŸŽ†
    3 weeks ago Helga Baumann
    Happy new year ! I hope we'll all be vaccinated by the time we get your delicious berries πŸ™‚
    3 weeks ago Cathy Reid
    Happy new year.
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Thanks Cathy.
  • 3 weeks ago by

    So, farmer Bill offered to cut up our remaining onions for the freezer. I'm guessing they brought tears to his eyes 🀣
    2 weeks ago Lisa Lanthier
    I wear goggles when I cut onions too!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    3 weeks ago Donna Harris
    Omg that is hilarious...I'm the it Bill Millar
    3 weeks ago Diane Tinginys 1
    Very ingenious!
    3 weeks ago Carolyn Hepburn 1
    Haha ... love it. Did the safety glasses work? Might try that myself next time
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Carolyn Hepburn he says yes!
    3 weeks ago Kathleen Vanhooren 1
    Carolyn Hepburn I've tried it before and didn't find they made much diference. I guess its different for everyone.
    2 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    They weren't safety glasses. They were ski goggles with a tight seal!
    3 weeks ago Karen Rae Short
    What a guy!
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Karen Rae Short the smell of all those onions sure cleared our sinuses!
    3 weeks ago Karen Rae Short
    Millar Berry Farms looks like nice onion soup too...
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Karen Rae Short yupπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    3 weeks ago Kate Zavitz 4
    Love that bag holder thingy...
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Kate Zavitz yes, it comes in very handy!
    3 weeks ago Kate Zavitz
    Thank you, ordered!!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Served up some of our frozen asparagus today...pretty good.πŸ˜‹
    3 weeks ago Trish Evans
    How did you freeze it as it looks better than most frozen asparagus?
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Trish Evans first, you have to start with good fresh Millar asparagus πŸ˜‰, then throw it into boiling water for no longer than one minute, then drain and plunge into ice water, cool and bag it. I just sauteed the frozen asparagus in butter, then added lemon juice and salt, pepper and Parmesan.
    3 weeks ago Linn Gibbs
    Glad you had malt vinegar
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Linn Gibbs always πŸ˜‰
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Linn, you have great eyesight!
    3 weeks ago Karen Rae Short
    Oh yummmm....ours is all gone
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Karen Rae Short already? We've been busy eating squash and beets. Now getting into the freezer.
    3 weeks ago Karen Rae Short 1
    Still have 2 squash, and some frozen strawberries.... down to 1 dozen eggs....see you soon...
  • 4 weeks ago by

    Spreading some Christmas cheer to Peter and Helen, locked up at Westmount gardens. We truly thank the staff for their care and concern.
    4 weeks ago Eric Cornelis 1
    Happy to see them, wishing the whole family Merry Christmas.
    4 weeks ago Ellie Craig 1
    Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family
    4 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Ellie Craig thank you, same to you and yours ❀️
    4 weeks ago Kelli Woodward
    4 weeks ago Dave Rodgers 1
    awsome thanks for sharing
    4 weeks ago Bill Diver 1
    Thanking for all the berries they tended over the many years. πŸ“
    4 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 2
    Bill Diver yes, they started growing berries over 55 years ago. They still check to see if we are doing things properly. First thing they ask, "how are things growing on the farm"
    4 weeks ago Nancy London
    Hope you all have a Safe n Merry Christmas!! Great to see them, I'm sure they were thrilled to see the children!! Stay Healthy!!
    4 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Nancy London thanks, you too!!
  • 5 weeks ago by

    Unfortunately, due to worsening conditions, EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED!
    5 weeks ago Carrie Grace Wilding 1
    What kind of stuff will you be selling
    5 weeks ago Christine Kerr 1
    Carrie Grace Wilding Studio Couture sells beautiful home decor, mugs and more! I sell handmade cards (Paper & Twine)!
    5 weeks ago Linn Gibbs
    About time you two
    5 weeks ago Karen Kerr 1
    I hope to be there!!
  • 6 weeks ago by

    The bees are asleep, but we still have a good supply of honey for sale for $10/jar
    6 weeks ago Rob Allan 1
    Bought a few of these over the summer - great honey
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Family dinner to celebrate finishing the job of bedding down the berry plants ! Now the pressure is off.
    6 weeks ago Sandra Norton Dicker 1
    A great job is done!! Did not see you much lately, but will miss you!! Glad we can keep in touch on FB. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!! πŸ™‚
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Sandra Norton Dicker yes, enjoy your new life out East. Merry Christmas to you and your family 😘
    6 weeks ago Sandra Norton Dicker
    Millar Berry Farms Thank you!!
    6 weeks ago Marg Everett 1
    Great job Millar Berry farm
    6 weeks ago Christine Kerr 1
    Wow!! Great job! That’s a ton of work!
    6 weeks ago Roymee Millares 1
    Gud job now you can start relaxing drink couple beer enjoy your day ✌
    6 weeks ago Betty Joynt Rutledge 1
    Enjoy your relaxing time. You deserve it.
    6 weeks ago Walter Rennerb 1
    6 weeks ago Gail Kreek 1
    The men look very happy!
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Gail Kreek yes, the pressure is off. Now just small jobs to be done at their leisure.
    6 weeks ago Helga Baumann 2
    Have a great winter and Merry Christmas to you all ! Thanks for all the great produce and the most delicious strawberries. We'll see you again soon ! Stay safe and healthy 😊
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Helga Baumann, thanks and a happy and safe Christmas season to you and your family as well.
    6 weeks ago Marg Steers
    Well deserve! Such a trying year for all. Thank you for being there for the community! Merry Christmas!
    6 weeks ago Judy Pyke 1
    MERRY CHRISTMASβ˜ƒοΈβ˜ƒοΈβ˜ƒοΈβ˜ƒοΈ
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Judy Pyke same to you!
  • 7 weeks ago by

    UPDATE: Finished! Back at it again, if the weather holds up, should finish tomorrow.
    7 weeks ago Judy Pyke
    Here we thought when you closed the retail stand you went on vacation till spring!! Keep doing what you do❀❀
  • 7 weeks ago by

    Putting my boys to work!
  • 7 weeks ago by

    A great day to continue putting the berries to bed.
  • 8 weeks ago by

    Starting to bed down the berries for the winter.
    8 weeks ago Steve Ruddach 1
    Spent a lot of time doing this in my days as a teenager! Night night πŸ˜›
    8 weeks ago Judy Pyke 3
    Take great care of them!!! I already cant wait for strawberry season. I will only buy them from you!!!!
    8 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Judy, comments like this keep us going when times are tough. Thank you.
    8 weeks ago Nancy London 1
    Take care of those babiesπŸ’œπŸ“πŸ’œ
    8 weeks ago CaseyAnn Michael 1
    Thank you!!
  • 9 weeks ago by

    Bill and Matt out pruning the raspberries.
    9 weeks ago Bill Diver
    About time. When are the strawberries going to be ready?
    9 weeks ago Marg Steers
    How low do they cut them?
    9 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Marg Steers they are pruning out all the canes that had berries on them this season, and dead ones. In the spring they will clip the ends off.
  • 11 weeks ago by

    We've got some more windfalls if anyone is interested. $10. a box approx 20lbs.
    Also some squash
    We are around today.
  • 13 weeks ago by

    We are happy to see people getting their squash before they all freeze. Enjoy them now, or cook and freeze for the long cold winter ahead. Squash soup on our menu tomorrow πŸ™‚πŸ˜‹
    12 weeks ago Sharon Berman 1
    Thank you for your amazing generosity -I went and picked a few that I shared with my neighbours and I have soup on right now for some friends who aren’t well and I shared your message and heard that they cleaned the fields !! you guys are amazing
    have a healthy wonderful winter and I look forward to seeing you in the spring
    12 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Sharon Berman thank you, and enjoy your squash soup over the winter! I've got some cooking right now too πŸ˜‰
    12 weeks ago Lindsay Sormin 1
    Thank you for freely sharing your harvest. We also picked some to share with family. See you next spring!
    13 weeks ago Jackie Marie 1
    What A fantastic offer. Thank you.You guys rock! Sadly we were not able to go but will be in touch re apples soon😊
    12 weeks ago Mary Cate 1
    Enjoy your well deserved rest this winter. Stay safe!!!
    13 weeks ago Kate My 1
    Thank you Millars! We are sharing with our friends and family!
    12 weeks ago Heather Martin
    Will you be doing this tomorrow too?
    12 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Heather Martin no, the squash is all gone. We are now closed for the winter.
    12 weeks ago Heather Martin
    Millar Berry Farms ok thanks
    12 weeks ago Ellen Smout 1
    Thank you!! Glad you had a great season.
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Our market is now officially closed for the season. However, we still have apples and squash left, so if you are wanting any, just give us a call or message us. We have squash in the field for free if you pick them today. Come to the house between 12pm-4pm and we'll direct you to the squash. For you honey lovers, we will carry our honey all winter long. Thank you all for your support this year! We and our staff have stayed healthy thus far, and we hope to remain that way so that we can see you all again in the spring for rhubarb and asparagus!
    13 weeks ago Nancy London 1
    Thanks to all the staff, from the planters, to the pickers, to the cashiers. Have a great winter!! Stay Safe n Healthy πŸ’œ
    13 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Nancy London, thank you, and to you as well.
    13 weeks ago Karen Rae Short 7
    We have certainly enjoyed and appreciated all the fresh fruit and veggies you offered this year, and will see you again soon. Hope you have a healthy and relaxing winter, you deserve it!
    13 weeks ago Shirley Bishop 2
    Darn I was gonna come for raspberries today for raspberry crisp. U snooze u lose I guess.
    13 weeks ago Helen B Crackk 1
    Thanks for another great season...see you next year!
    13 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Helen B Crackk stay well!
    13 weeks ago Diane Martin 1
    Thank you for a wonderful season. We have thoroughly enjoyed fruits and vegetables from you.
    13 weeks ago Catherine Gail Ingram 1
    Thank you for all the yummies!!! Always worth the drive for me!! Enjoy your winter!
    13 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Catherine Gail Ingram you too. Interesting to see what transpires this winter.
    12 weeks ago Diane Giles 1
    Thank you for a great season of fresh fruit & veggies. Glad I stopped for raspberries on Friday. Have a great winter and see you in the spring.
    12 weeks ago Rob Allan
    Was a pretty good season, great year for strawberries and have always loved the field tomatoes you bring in
    12 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Rob Allan thank you
    13 weeks ago Heather Martin 1
    Thank you for the excellent food you grow!! ❀️
    13 weeks ago Bonnie Orton 2
    Thank you for a wonderful season .
  • 13 weeks ago by

    The sun is shining over the raspberry rows, so I will head out to pick them soon, and we'll also pick the strawberries.
    We'll be open 12:30-5:30pm. We will also offer free pick your own squash and pumpkins today. So come take advantage of that and some fresh air and sunshine!
    13 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    13 weeks ago Beth Utley 1
    I need some strawberries if possible
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Another wet day, so we will remain closed. Fingers crossed for Friday 🀞
    13 weeks ago Roymee Millares
    Friday is the best weather
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Well, another rainy day, so we will remain closed. We'll see what tomorrow will bring.
    13 weeks ago Judy Pyke
    Its a good day to stay inside!!!
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Corn is still sooooo good! πŸ˜‹
    13 weeks ago Kate Keating 1
    This corn is superduper! Glad it's having a long season!
    13 weeks ago Jane Falconer
    Oh stop. That looks so delicious and I can't get any like that here.
    13 weeks ago Kelli Woodward
    You are still selling it???
    13 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Kelli Woodward yes
    13 weeks ago Kelli Woodward
    Oh boy!!! Are you open tomorrow?
    13 weeks ago Fraxx Murphy-Edwards 1
    Can you freeze corn on the cob
    13 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Fraxx Murphy-Edwards The internet says yes!
    13 weeks ago Jan Wilkes
    So good 😊
  • 13 weeks ago by

    Open 12:30-5:30pm Strawberries will go quick, but we've also got raspberries, apples, squash, pumpkins, super-sweet corn, and more!
  • 13 weeks ago by

    We're out picking so we'll be open 12.30 until 5.30pm
    13 weeks ago Romeo Millares
    Okey I got it thanks