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U-Pick strawberries and raspberries are finished for the year. U-Pick apples are now available.

Our day-neutral strawberries are ripening up, and we should have some most mornings now.

Sales Hours

Monday - Saturday9:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM — 2:00 PM
22 Sep10:00 AM — 2:00 PM

U-Pick Apples

Monday - Saturday9:00 AM — 3:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM — 1:00 PM
22 Sep10:00 AM — 2:00 PM

*Hours are weather and supply dependent. May close early if sold/picked out.
Everyone must be finished picking by the U-Pick closing time

  • 18 hours ago by

    We've closed up early today due to rain.
    Open again Thursday morning, and hopefully the rain will subside long enough for us to get some more strawberries picked!
  • 1 day ago by

    We are delaying our opening time today until 10am to give us time to get some berries picked after the rain, and to finish our fresh local produce pickup!
  • 5 days ago by

    It's looking like fall! Decorative corn stalks, gourds, and pumpkins now available for sale.
    Strawberries and raspberries today, melons still available, lots of super-sweet corn, a variety of our own squash, and more!
    No-frills apple picking open 9am-3pm.
    3 days ago Danny Wayne
    You hosted a PPC anti-vaccine rally there? Are we to trust that you practice anti-covid measures in your shop?
  • 6 days ago by

    Just hours after our last post about the Senior Millars, Peter had a fall and had to go to the hospital. Praise God that he only had a hairline fracture in his hip and surgery wasn't required.
    We are so grateful for the amazing care he got at the hospital, and the wonderful nurses that kept him (and us) comfortable and well looked after.
    A few days later, he was able to return home, but even though he tested negative for COVID-19, government regulations force him to be isolated for 10 days.
    Helen is distraught and doesn't understand why they have to be separated, but we went to visit today and brought her some strawberries that put a smile on her face!
    6 days ago Jodi Knight
    Sending ❤ to all the Millar's and prayers for a full reovery to Mr Millar Sr. I can see how pleased Mrs Millar Sr is with the strawberries. It will be very hard for them to be separated from each other.
    6 days ago Megan Powell 1
    I’m sorry to hear they are forced to separate but glad he’s doing well & is back home ❤️
    6 days ago Karl Martinek 3
    Thank God he is ok. Falls of seniors is the most prevalent cause of death .
    6 days ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Karl Martinek And he's 100! He is still in great pain, and can't move easily, even with just a hairline fracture. But it could have been much worse.
    6 days ago Karl Martinek 2
    Wow. Lucky in a way, but scary when that happens. Wishing him well and a quick recovery. Take care buddy
    6 days ago Kate Zavitz 1
    Hard working hands, god love them!
    6 days ago Bev Cocroft 1
    Have a speedy recovery, Peter.
    5 days ago Marilyn Bratti 1
    Hope they are reunited soon.
    3 days ago Cauline Watters 1
    Beautiful couple!
    That's true 💘 LOVE!
    4 days ago Sandra Norton Dicker 1
    Praying for speedy and complete healing!! 🙏💕🙏
    5 days ago Thomas Parsons
    Like hell he should have to isolate! Total joke. Hope he heals up fast.
    5 days ago Nancy Beer-Daoust
    Thomas Parsons why? It is entirely possible he was exposed. Isn’t it better to err on the side of caution, especially at their age? I do hope Mr Millar makes a full recovery, I have always enjoyed talking with him.
    5 days ago Thomas Parsons
    Nancy Beer-Daoust if people can get a rapid test with a neg result to go to work or public events, he should not have to isolate after a neg result.
    5 days ago Nancy Beer-Daoust
    Thomas Parsons that is your opinion. If it were my parent, I would err on the side of caution, as I said.
    5 days ago Jenn Daniels 1
    Kirsty Ritchie Higson ^ I see what you mean
  • 1 week ago by

    Open 9am-5pm. Restocked on corn, strawberries, raspberries, and cantaloupe. Lots of watermelon, apples, a variety of squash, and more!
    No-frills apple picking available as well (Jonamac, Macspur, and Spartan. Empire ready soon).
    Can't wait to see you!
  • 1 week ago by

    Sold out of corn and berries today!
    We will have more again Wednesday morning.
    See you then!
    1 week ago Natalie Bell
    Glad I got my berries before you sold out. They are delicious!
  • 1 week ago by

    Better supply of strawberries and raspberries today! We also picked a good assortment of squash (spaghetti, acorn, sweet dumpling, some early butternut) and gourds for sale at our market. Lots of apples for U-Pick, and our counter is colourful with melons, corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, apples, pears, kale, swiss chard, and honey!
    6 days ago Carrie Mead
    Omg! Where did you get that cute little pug?❤
    6 days ago Millar Berry Farms
    Carrie Mead Just a friendly visitor 🤗
    1 week ago Karl Martinek
    I can't believe you're selling Leroy!! Lol
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Karl Martinek That's not Leroy! That's our friend Zombie
    1 week ago Darbi Greensides 2
    Coming this weekend!!
    1 week ago Megan Powell 1
    Coming by tomorrow!!
    1 week ago Alannah Elyse Hickson
    What's the dog's name? H's such a good boy! 🙂💜
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Alannah Elyse Hickson Not ours, but his name is Zombie. One of our favourite customers!
    1 week ago Alannah Elyse Hickson 2
    Millar Berry Farms what a great name! Hi, Zombie and family! Your dog is so adorable! 🐶❣
    1 week ago Grace Howlett
    Is the pug sold by weight or piece? Either way - how much?? LOL LOL
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Grace Howlett Just a friendly visitor! But please don't try to buy pieces of him 🙈
    1 week ago Grace Howlett 1
    Millar Berry Farms I WAS going to buy the WHOLE pug.. just didn't know if the price qas depending on his weight or was set 😊😆🤔
    1 week ago Annette-Barbara Vogel 2
    does the pug come with any number of berries ? 🙂
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Annette-Barbara Vogel He leaves with berries (in a basket and in his belly), but he's just a friendly visitor. Not for sale 😂
    1 week ago Zoe Bubel
    Raspberries were so good last week! I'll be there later.
    1 week ago Leslie Warner
    I'd like to buy the Zombie-pug please! lol. <3
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Hahah, I think we all would! Unfortunately, he is not for sale. Just a friendly visitor 😊
    1 week ago Cornwall Brent
    Do you sell White Supremacrisp Apples? I've heard you had a few bunches of them last weekend
  • 1 week ago by

    Now available: local sweet potatoes! One more fall staple available again.
    We will be getting a fresh load of tomatoes this morning, and the usual like apples, corn, melons, potatoes, beans, and honey are available.
    Our sweet dumpling, acorn, and spaghetti squash are ready, and we tried a butternut squash for dinner last night. They should be for sale at our market very soon.
    A few strawberries and raspberries this morning for the first customers to grab them as well!
    1 week ago Kelly Byles 1
    My favourite is sweet potato fries 💕
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Kelly Byles I've been making them in my air fryer ever since we got these in!
    1 week ago Tanya Marie
    You think you'd have more WHITE potatoes, being hooked up with the PPC and all.
    1 week ago Bogusia Gloria 2
    Looks yummy.
    I will make sure to come over to buy and will check all else too.
    1 week ago Traci Akins
    Do you have green or yellow beans available in bushels
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Traci Akins We generally just have them in smaller quantities, but may be able to get those for you on our next pickup. Send us a message!
  • 1 week ago by

    Thank you Peter/Dad/Dido & Helen/Mom/Baba. In your 100 & 96 years, you have done so much for us. We are so grateful for this farm you started, and all the lives you have touched along the way. You have taught us so much. We cherish the values you have instilled in us. No matter how different or how much we may disagree, every life is precious. We are honoured to be able to keep your farm going. We will not abandon you, or your great-grandchildren. We can't wait to visit you in a few days. Hopefully that privilege will not be taken away from us again.
    We love you so much!
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms 2
    This picture was from Peter's 100th birthday back in June, but we've finally been able to visit with them not through a window, and we've been thinking about them a lot lately.
    Hoping we can bring them some strawberries next week!
    1 week ago Mary-Ellen Joksas 1
    Much respect to both of these beautiful people. At their ages, they witnessed a lot in this world and are very wise. At their ages, they fight hard several times for their freedoms and liberties. Hard workers they are. Sending prayers of good health to them both packed with much love and respect. Happy Birthday to you both! Wishing you both more beautiful years ahead! ❤️💙
    1 week ago Andrew Belichenko
    They are really greatest people we have ever met in our life. God bless them!
    1 week ago Charmaine Floyd Gajdemski 1
    Think of you often. Wishing you both all the best!!!
    1 week ago Nicole Lallani 1
    Millar Berry Farms Couldn’t agree more!
    I have only the fondest memories of Peter staying at Grandma Olga’s house. Your farm and berries are the best 😁
    1 week ago Alannah Elyse Hickson 1
    Bless them! So grateful for your wonderful family and beautiful farm! 💜
    1 week ago Irene MacDonald 1
    Amazing all the best on your Birthday
    1 week ago Christine Kerr
    I love them (and all of you) so so so much!!! Hugs 🤗
    1 week ago Angela Guglielmo
    God Bless Dido & Baba 💝
    1 week ago Elysia Chubay Pyper
    1 week ago Kelly Dupon 1
    Congrats ❤️
  • 1 week ago by

    Strawberries are sizing up now!
    No-frills apple picking is open. Or buy boxes of windfall apples for baking.
    Spaghetti and Sweet Dumpling squash available, acorn, buttercup, and butternut soon!
    Local melons, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, honey, and more at our market!
    1 week ago Ingrid Becker
    wonderful shopping experience
    1 week ago Danny Wayne
    Really? Boycotting!
    1 week ago Megan Powell 1
    Can’t wait to get in!
    1 week ago Jenny Js
    1 week ago Victoria Vic
    How big is the box with apples for baking? What kind do you have for picking? Are you open tomorrow for picking?
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Victoria Vic There's about a half-bushel per box.
    We have Jonamac, Macspur, and Spartan available for U-Pick. Empire should be ready soon.
    Our hours are listed on our website at
    1 week ago Victoria Vic 1
    Millar Berry Farms thank you so much 💓
    1 week ago Meredith Keene Smith 7
    You’ve lost my business. I’ll be sure to spread the word…
    1 week ago Patricia Craig
    Meredith Keene Smith I agree, I won’t shop there.
    1 week ago Terra Gold 8
    Openly giving a platform for a white supremacist political party and anti-vaxxers. You should be ashamed of yourself. Time to boycott your business.
    You did take time to research everything about the PPC, right?
    1 week ago Donald James
    Terra Gold you make no sense, they fired that guy, have the Liberals fired the candidate that called the Taliban her brothers? You're brainwashed and need to wake up
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Terra Gold There are many non-white and vaccinated candidates and supporters that would disagree with you. But we respect everyone's choices, including yours. Enjoy your weekend!
    1 week ago Jim Kogelheide
    Millar Berry Farms I'm surprised that you would support a political party that does not even believe climate change is a threat to humanity or that it's human made due to carbon! Considering that your business relies on a stable climate.... I'm wondering if a few of the melons you grow landed on your head??? Time to expand your mind and quite being manipulated by those without a clue!
    1 week ago Rachel La 3
    Millar Berry Farms I have to assume that if your farm is hosting an event for the PPC, you share their values. And that's...not good. And in case you don't actually support their values, you should just know that giving a white supremacist political party a platform, is a problem. In a city where, a year ago, a white man ran down a Muslim family with his truck, you're giving a platform to hate instead of stomping it out. You're willing to align with racist, xenophobic, bigoted people, because you don't like mandates? You can be against mandates and not align with these people. It's troubling that you're choosing otherwise. Maxime Bernier, the PPC leader, has woven xenophobia and nativism into his appeals to Canadians by denouncing “extreme multiculturalism” and stating a desire to institute a “Canada first” foreign policy that would see Canada reduce its commitments to humanitarian organizations and causes. The party has found support by couching their opposition to multiculturalism and immigration within the language of liberalism and civic values. In other words, instead of openly calling for racial or ethnic discrimination, these movements base their appeals to voters on civic values of tolerance, diversity and liberal citizenship as a way to justify excluding supposedly intolerant and reactionary immigrant populations and cultures. Furthermore, controversial media figure and failed Toronto mayoral candidate, Faith Goldy--well-known on the far right as an advocate for the conspiracy theory of white genocide and her attacks against Islamic culture and immigrants, is aligned with the PPC. Bernier has also eceived glowing coverage from The Rebel Media, appearing at its events and being interviewed by its employees. The Rebel is closely associated with far right leaders and activists like Goldy and Gavin McInnes, leader of the misogynistic, pro-violence Proud Boys. Good luck being aligned with them, their party and tbe hate they spread. It's wild to see the corners people have gone to over mandates--willing to align with white supremacy in the "battle".
    1 week ago Terra Gold 2
    Millar Berry Farms We see you doubling down and not denying you are white supremacist supporters. I hope all the BIPOC people in the area see you for what you are. If you weren't for what the PPC stands for, you would make a very clear statement about it. You would loudly disavow it. BIPOC and Muslims aren't safe at your business or on your property. I'm Jewish and I also don't feel safe anywhere near you.
    1 week ago Jim Kogelheide
    Sadly... #boycottmillarberryfarms has only tried to divert attention in their replies! What they should be doing is making a public appeal to apologize for their lack of realizing their mistakes!!!! But that's only if they feel they are mistakes! Who knows... maybe they are racists and are supporters Proud Boys!?
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Jim Kogelheide Your constant accusations of racism are completely baseless, and beyond disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    We condemn racism and bigotry in the strongest terms, in all their forms.
    We have done nothing but be accommodating to all, and for that we have been on the receiving end of hatred, and flat out lies, from those claiming to oppose hate.
    1 week ago Jim Kogelheide
    Millar Berry Farms I'm wondering how you can continue to say what you say... considering that many have left comments here and quotes from reports showing without the shadow of doubt that the PPC have mandates filled with white supremists ideologies and Neo-Nazi members! Did you miss the news about the St. Thomas PPC leader who is being charged with assault against Prime Minister Trudeau???? He committed a hate crime! Hate has no home in London and sadly you have associated your business with this Party! Give all the comments a read before you comment with more ignorant remarks! Get a clue!!! https://london.ctvne...rudeau-1.5581799
    1 week ago Jim Kogelheide
    Let me educate you further on the PPC.... Here's a recent photo posted by PPC candidate in London North Centre.. his name is Marc Emery... he's the one smoking the bong!!! Now... pot is legal... but do you want to support candidates who represent themselves like this???
    1 week ago Jim Kogelheide
    Millar Berry Farms You say you are receiving flat out lies... Ummmm... can you show just one! There are none here to be seen anywhere!!!! No one commenting is putting you on 'the receiving end of hatred' as you claim! No one! What we are saying is that we do not tolerate businesses or organizations in our community that align themselves with hate groups such as the PPC... and we have been educating you about the PPC so that you can understand the responses that you are getting! But... you've proven that you are not reading the comments here.... or you are not understanding them (but they are very clear)... and you are not reading the news reports being posted here and all of this shows your unwillingness to accept the simple fact that the PPC has no home in London, Ontario!
    1 week ago Elaine Roberts
    You've lost my business.
    1 week ago Judy Pyke
    Do you have cauliflower??
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Judy Pyke No cauliflower, sorry!
    1 week ago Judy Pyke 1
    Millar Berry Farms I'll be over tomorrow anyway!!
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Got some more strawberries today, and raspberries! First come, first served.
    Lots of corn, tomatoes, apples, onions, and more!
    Some of our early squash available as well. No-frills apple picking also available. Please see website for details:
    1 week ago Alana Draper 1
    Those look delicious 😋
    1 week ago Nicole Nicole
    I absolutely love this farm. The Millars are truly wonderful people. I am proud to support such an ethical business. 💕
    1 week ago Amanda Barron
    Love this place🙌🙌
    1 week ago Kelly Byles
    I used to go apple picking every fall when I was a child💕 Good memories!
    1 week ago Elaine Roberts
    This business just hosted a PPC/anti-vax rally - will never go back!
    1 week ago Kary Scavetta
    1 week ago Kayla Milo
    My kids only love your strawberries. We have friends pick them up for us always.
    1 week ago Trevor Harding
    LMFAO!! All these FALSE comments saying how good they are and HAVE NEVER EVEN HAD them. Heemans is better. I will be reporting your google account for false reviews also. 🙂 have a nice day and get your shot!
    1 week ago Angelena Bn 1
    Wish I was closer! I loved picking berries on my Aunt and Uncle's berry farm as a kid and eating tons before Mom got them into jam. 😊 Your berries look fabulous! Thank you for supporting your community of like minded people.👏😊
    1 week ago Kerry Lamorie 1
    Thank you for standing up! 💕
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Just a reminder our farm stand is open from 10am-2pm this labour Day! Enjoy this beautiful day!
    1 week ago Farrah Ohara
    Excellent service!!
    1 week ago Kelly McGinty
    Can't wait to visit again!
    1 week ago Melanie Fucile 1
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Our market is open 10am-2pm today and tomorrow, and U-Pick apples 10am-1pm. Corn, apples, peppers, melons, kale, onions, and more! Please visit our website for U-Pick information:
    1 week ago Claudine Couillard Besner
    What a lovely display you have. I seem to being transported in time where people were friendly to one another
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Claudine Couillard Besner we greet people with a smile 😊
    1 week ago Farrah Ohara
    1 week ago Bogusia Gloria
    Yummy yummy yummy !!
    2 weeks ago Annette-Barbara Vogel
    where are your peaches from that you have today?
    2 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Annette-Barbara Vogel Oops, that was a typo! Peach season is over now
  • 2 weeks ago by

    We are now open for "no-frills" apple picking! We only have a small orchard with legacy varieties. There are no activities for children, no entertainment, etc. Please read through the guidelines on our website. Jonamac and Macspur varieties are ready for picking now. U-Pick open 9am-3pm Monday-Saturday, and 10am-1pm on Sundays.
    1 week ago Kelly Byles 1
    I love the smell of fresh apples 💕 Such a beautiful fall smell!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Open 9am-5pm
    Apples are ripening up, and U-Pick may be ready by the weekend. For now, we have boxes of assorted windfalls for $10 (perfect for baking), and some baskets of firsts from a local orchard.
    Peaches are finished for the year, but we have organic greens and radishes again!
    Still lots of corn, melons, tomatoes, potatoes, and more!
    1 week ago Joan Beckingham
    Great place to get fresh fruit and veggies
    1 week ago Millar Berry Farms
    Joan Beckingham thank you!
    2 weeks ago Robyn Labrash
    Do you still have boxes of Roma tomatoes if so how big?
    2 week ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Robyn Labrash I guess they all sold yesterday. If you give us a call, we can get more and save them for you on our next tomato run!
    2 weeks ago Megan Powell
    Are you open tomorrow (Sunday)?
    2 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Megan Powell Yes, we are open every day. Hours are listed on our website at
    2 weeks ago Megan Powell
    Millar Berry Farms thank you! We’ll be by 😊
    2 weeks ago Sarah Spencer
    Do you have spaghetti squash
    2 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Sarah Spencer We do now!
    2 weeks ago Sarah Spencer
    Millar Berry Farms wonderful!! We will see you tomorrow 😍😍
    2 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Sarah Spencer
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Mmmm our spaghetti squash are ready!
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    So good!
    3 weeks ago Nancy L Wyatt 1
    I bet...see you tomorrow, can you put aside A dozen eggs please💜
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Nancy L Wyatt sure can
    1 week ago Kimberly Mayers
    Looks delicious
    1 week ago Kelly Byles 1
    What a great alternative to noodles!
    3 weeks ago Marilyn Campbell
    Looks so good!
    3 weeks ago Nancy L Wyatt
    PLEASE share your favorite recipe Sylvia...that looks yummy💜
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Nancy L Wyatt We don't usually use recipes. We just use whatever is in season and wing it!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Open 9am-5pm
    A couple apple pies here for whoever grabs them first, fresh local super-sweet corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, apples, grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, greens, radish, onion, garlic, honey, and our own spray-free zucchini, beets, swiss chard, and kale!
    1 week ago Claudine Couillard Besner
    Keep up the good work
    3 weeks ago Victoria MacPhail
    When do you expect your apple u-pick to open?
    3 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Victoria MacPhail Likely this weekend
  • 4 weeks ago by

    Got some local long-stripe seeded watermelons in today! Seedless watermelon still available, along with canteloupe, grapes, peaches, super-sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beets, onions, garlic, and our own zucchini, beets, kale, and windfall apples!
    4 weeks ago Donna Marceau
    Do you still have that huge garlic?
    4 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Donna Marceau We do!
  • 4 weeks ago by

    Fresh load of cornation sweet! Great for jams and jellies seeds!
    4 weeks ago Martha Feenstra 2
    Bought some yesterday . So Sweet . Corn and cantaloupe are fabulous also
    4 weeks ago Martha Feenstra
    Thank you Sylvia and Bill and son for all your dedicated hard work .
    4 weeks ago Megan Robinson 1
    Laura Orser
  • 5 weeks ago by

    Open 9am-5pm
    Corn, coronation grapes, peaches, watermelon, canteloupe, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, cucumber, honey, garlic, onions, zucchini, kale, swiss chard, beets, and more!
    Always fresh and local!
    5 weeks ago Rob Allan
    you mean Concord grapes? Id drive over for those!
    5 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Rob Allan These are like concord grapes, but without the seeds. We grow concord grapes, but they're not ready yet.
    5 weeks ago Rob Allan
    Even better - on my way 🙂
  • 5 weeks ago by

    Who else cooks potatoes with sweet potatoes? 😋
    5 weeks ago Brittney Boorsma 1
    I cook potatoes with carrots and add fried onions and bacon 🤤🤤 I have to make it every thanks giving.
    5 weeks ago Sharon Bartha 1
    I use to and so did my Mother
    5 weeks ago Helga Baumann 2
    Will have to try that! Looks good 😊
    5 weeks ago Jane Oster Doran 1
    All the time and with all the skins on!!
    5 weeks ago Jannette Binder 1
    I do!
  • 5 weeks ago by

    Elderberries are ready for U-Pick! We only have one bush, so it's just for those whole really want Elderberries and know what to do with them. Please contact us for more details.
    5 weeks ago Jeaunitta Lockey 1
    These make my Favorite Pie
    1 week ago Kelly Byles
    So healthy for you!
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Peach pies still warm. Pick one up on your way home! 😋😋
    6 weeks ago Helaina Giesbrecht
    Peach pies are difficult to find! 😛😛
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Helaina Giesbrecht, but they are not hard to eat.
    6 weeks ago Siasru Eros
    What produce are you selling tomorrow?🤔
    6 weeks ago Karen Rae Short
    What’s in those jars on the counter?
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Karen Rae Short delicious red pepper jelly!!
    6 weeks ago Karen Rae Short
    Millar Berry Farms Hope you’ll have some in September!
    6 weeks ago Fiona Bland
    i wish i saw this earlier! i love peach pie.

    6 weeks ago Glenda L Weston 1
    I bet they are gone now!! LOL
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Since it's zucchini season... who's going to try this? Looks delicious! https://farmersmarke...04/quasi-quiche/
    6 weeks ago Carolyn Hepburn 1
    Sounds yummy. Definitely going to try this one!
    6 weeks ago Charlotte Fleming
    Have you got any eggs from the 'girls' this week? We are coming out tomorrow and would like a dozen if you have them. That and a few other things. Thanks, Charlotte Fleming
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Charlotte Fleming I think that might be possible
    5 weeks ago Charlotte Fleming
    Millar Berry Farms Got them, thx! Might have to try that Quasi-Quiche above.😀
    5 weeks ago Kathy Duchene
    Looks good! Now what about an over abundance of Swiss chard!?😁
    6 weeks ago Julie Genereaux 2
    Debby MacGregor thought this looked like a tasty zucchini recipe.
    6 weeks ago Debby MacGregor 1
    Julie Genereaux Mmm, sounds yummy. Thanks Julie.
    5 weeks ago Linn Gibbs 1
    Making this for sure
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Open 9am-5pm today with the usual late-summer staples: fresh local super-sweet corn, melons, peaches, tomatoes, potatoes, honey, and our own spray-free zucchini, kale, swiss chard, & beets.
    We're hoping to have some strawberries next week, and more raspberries again in September.
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Picked up some blue plums tonight.
    6 weeks ago Tamelynda Lux 1
    As in prune plums for baking my oma’s plum cake ??? 😋
    6 weeks ago Annette-Barbara Vogel 1
    Tamelynda Lux looks like exactly that! which is why I hope they will will be able to hold 2 baskets for me 🙂
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Annette-Barbara Vogel we can
    6 weeks ago Annette-Barbara Vogel
    would you please hold 2 baskets for me? I may not be able to come out before 2 pm
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Annette-Barbara Vogel, yes will put your name on 2 baskets for pickup this afternoon.
    6 weeks ago Jodi Knight
    Will they be for sale tomorrow?
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms 1
    Jodi Knight yes
    6 weeks ago Sharon Berman
    I hope you still have more tomorrow as my friends love plum jam made from your plums
    I will come by after work with my fingers crossed
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Sharon Berman unfortunately, they all sold out today..
    6 weeks ago Sharon Berman
    6 weeks ago Sandra Norton Dicker
    They sure look delicious!! 😋😋
    6 weeks ago Ivone E Duarte Bettencourt
    How much?
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Ivone E Duarte Bettencourt $9.00 basket
    6 weeks ago Bea Pelsoczi
    Are they stone free?
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Yes they were free stone, but sold out.
    6 weeks ago Liridona Fejza
    Where is this
  • 6 weeks ago by

    Got a few dozen cobs of yellow corn today! No shortage of the usual bi-colour corn.
    Lots of fresh, local peaches, melons, beans, new potatoes, field tomatoes, and our own spray-free zucchini, kale, swiss chard, and beets.
    Hours listed on our website at
    6 weeks ago Della M Quick 1
    Our farms sell them by the pound for people who only want one or 2
    6 weeks ago Jennifer Keech
    Very very disappointed, was not allowed to get just 2 beefsteak tomatoes. We hate wasting food especially when just self and a friend you want to make a nice sandwhich from and limited on tomatoes intake. So sad I really like Millar farms.
    6 weeks ago Millar Berry Farms
    Jennifer Keech ok, so instead of baskets 3, we will do baskets of two now. Just trying to minimize all the handling.
    6 weeks ago Jennifer Keech
    Millar Berry Farms I get that the minimizing of handling because of covid. It is hard I understand. As a consumer it is easier to be a minimalist then a waster of fabulous foods. Your efforts to help are appreciated. Thank you.!😁
    6 weeks ago Karen Rae Short
    See you after lunch!