Our History

Over 50 years ago, Peter and Helen Millar, along with their young family of 4 boys, started growing a small patch of strawberries and selling them door-to-door. Strawberries proved to be very popular with their customers and the patch began to expand. At this time they did not live on the farm, but commuted from London.

In 1967, they decided, as a family, to make a go of growing strawberries in a big way. They put in a large patch and built a house on the farm in Lambeth. This wonderful fruit caught on fast and proved to be very popular.

Peter and Helen pioneered the U-Pick operation in this area. Up to this point, U-Pick was generally only permitted at the end of season when less damage to the crop was expected. The Millars allowed the public into the patch at its prime. People came from all over Ontario!

Strawberries can still be enjoyed fresh off the plant, and there is also a great supply of fresh-picked fruit at the market for those who prefer to “pick” them off the counter.

Peter and Helen’s son, Bill, along with wife Sylvia and their son Matt, currently take care of the farm. Departing from general industry recommendations, they’ve shifted to placing a greater emphasis on soil and plant health and nutrition in order to reduce pest pressure and minimize pesticide use, with the goal of providing the most nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables!

For more variety, freshly-picked items not grown on the farm are brought in from nearby growers, but are ensured to be non-GMO and meet the quality standards expected at Millar Berry Farms.

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